Rose Room

Rose Room – Rose Room by Isha J to Make Icw 2023 Debut

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Rose Room: Luxury and innovation rose celebrity Esha J. in August at the Bharat Haute Couture Week at Taj Istana at 8:00 p.m.

The desire to celebrate women and their individuality in Odia floral attire aims to showcase the artistic image of the bride and her unique room style. In an interview with News18, Roseroom designer Esha Jojodia unveiled the Romantic Reverie collection.

Rose Room

Shared her excitement to debut at ICW 2023 and why Vaani Kapoor is the perfect muse for the collection. …Each garment is durable and carefully crafted to instill confidence and sophistication.

This time we tried to bring Indian innovations and technologies to our European projects. The modern interpretation is found in intricate beads decorated with handmade crystals. The main goal is to create a simple and elegant design while achieving a clean and clear look in a minimal way.

How do you rate the collection presented at India Fashion Week? The design of the collection is inspired by the wonderful world of French architecture. The collection features intricate floral and lace patterns that exude elegance and timeless elegance.

Embroidery and Charming Femininity

The collection includes quilted jackets; It includes a lace top and a gauze bra. Created for modern and stylish women, it gives them confidence and elegance, sensitivity, elegance and confidence.

London that same year, Jajodia received a lot of attention and admiration. From there, the idea of stylish and eye-catching wedding dresses caught on with Jajodia, who realized that today’s brides want to stand out from the crowd. Marquise Riddhima Kapoor Sahni is a beautiful red leotard design. Ella White heroin.

Vani will star in Ashy’s “Romantic Reverie” in collaboration with Daicolor Fine Jewelery […] Designer Roseroom presents Ashy’s collection of exclusive designs at J’s India Couture. Sunday 2023 Taj Mahal New Delhi “Dream of Love” begins.

Rose Room Makes a Strong

Vani Kapoor is also likely to join the procession. Designed by Ishaan in association with Dacolor Fine Jewellery, Roserum will showcase its ‘Romantic Reverie’ collection at the India Fashion Week 2023 on August 1 at 8pm at the Taj Mahal, New Delhi.

About working with Vaani Kapoor, Esha Jojodia said, “I am delighted to meet superstar Vaani Kapoor for my new personal collection Romantic Reverie. Working with him is spontaneous and she is grateful.” Good work, no fear.

Feel free to come to the party.  But when she presented her innovative zari sari concept to Ashney + Company.

The Case for Celebrating Vintage Textiles

The Romantic Dreams collection combines the grandeur of the Golden Age of Hollywood with the style of the French Riviera. Mix sophistication and simplicity to celebrate the best moments of your life with fun and love. The collection includes a range of products in vibrant champagne colors such as sunscreen and shimmer shadows.

Speaking about the event, actress Vani Kapoor said, “I am so happy to be in the Pink Room with Esha at the FDCI India Couture Fashion Week 2023 in Delhi. I love Esha’s vision for this piece and I love Bloom One.”

The soloist’s concert will take place at the Taj Mahal on Wednesday, August 1, at 8:00 p.m.
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