Name Locket Designs

Name Locket Designs – Latest 10 Locket Designs for Women 2023

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Name Locket Designs: Do you know what is popular in the jewelry industry? The name of the medal! Yes! Wearing a hat with your name is a great idea to express your personality.

The trend started in the 1980s when people put names on chains to signify immigration. Over time, these bracelets have become a modern accessory for people of all ages and skin types. While the original necklace design was simple and elegant, modern locks come in a variety of colors to suit a new audience.

Name Locket Designs

So if you want to try it, this article is for you! A familiar name would have to be Carrie Bradshaw from the HBO series Sex and the City. Viewers saw a woman wearing a curtain with her name on it and wanted her name back! So the desire to write names grew, not only among women but also among men and children.

Name necklaces come in gold, silver, lead, and other metals, depending on budget and preference. Diamonds, crystals, and stones make these pens look from ordinary to extraordinary! You can get name locks in various shapes and designs as you like.

But you are wondering what kind of locket you can make? Here are the gold lock designs with names.
Check out this 18K gold necklace with your name in beautiful colors. The name is open to change, including its size and shape.

1. Gold Plated Mangalsutra

Gold Plated Mangalsutra

This patch has soft edges and a bright center that illuminates your neck. Wear it with a short and simple gold necklace to look elegant. You can also give this special gift to your friends and family to make them feel special on their memorable day.

Check out this beautiful sterling silver bracelet with any outfit. The chain in 92.5 silver can be customized according to your needs. You can write your name in any font and size. This beautiful necklace comes with a silver pendant that adorns your neck and sparkles every now and then. If you’re not a fan of gold, get this metallic version!

2. Lucky Gold Name Pendant

Lucky Gold Name Pendant

Write your name and your friend’s name with a handmade gold pen. This design allows you to add two names and combine them with a heart. The finished piece represents the union of two souls and love! Because of this information, the necklace can be a good gift for your husband or wife on a special occasion such as a wedding or Valentine’s Day.

If you want to write your name in a foreign language like Arabic, try this idea! The necklace will be made according to the length and size of your character. You can also choose Arabic fonts to give a unique look. The metal base is pure silver and the top cap is 18k gold. Pair it with a gold chain to make your jewelry as unique as you are!

3. Latest Name Locket Designs

Latest Name Locket Designs

This jewel in white gold conveys a sense of power through the gold crown. The attractive design complements the simple and well-designed text. By wearing this outfit, you can reveal your personality and confidence to the world. Open to changing color, font, and font. The pendant has an adjustable platinum chain.

Here are some unique ideas to turn your couple’s name into jewelry. Two shirts with short and long necklaces with names written in Urdu. The shine of yellow gold adds luxury to your necklace, and the layered design elevates the look. You can use this template and change your font language or font.

4. Gold Heart Embossed

Gold Heart Embossed

Check out these designs that combine tradition and modernity. The new design allows you to express your love for men in a compelling way. Black color Mangalsutra necklace with diagonal pendant. You can also add symbols such as hearts, flowers, or other personal symbols.

Even if the pendant and necklace are brass, you can use this idea and make it real gold. Make your mom feel special on her birthday or Mother’s Day with this innovative gift. 18K white gold necklace. If your dad loves jewelry, this is a gift that will impress him.

5. Mama’s Necklace Design

Mama's Necklace Design

This is a personal “grandfather” label. The combination of silver body and gold lettering makes the product stand out. If you’re ready to buy this feature but plan to move on, you can replace it with its real name. You are happy, whatever suits your mood. Note that the title contains the word “Victory”.

If you wear it regularly, it will definitely give you a beautiful look. 22k yellow gold is water; Enabled in settings such as paper and other decorations. Complete the look by choosing a matching necklace. This gold bag is 22-carat gold and can be printed with your name in the middle.

6. Rose Gold Name Lockets

Rose Gold Name Lockets

The lock is shaped like a heart that allows you to enter your name in different ways. Your name shines like gold. There is always gold, so it is good to be beautiful because there is gold in the heart. Now let’s write your name on the chest.

As the name suggests, I want our relationship to last for years. These beautiful ornaments add to the beauty. The key is made of silver and can be found in different metals. This belt is perfect for casual and cool holiday wear.
Most people like to touch their things, even the jewelry they wear.

7. New Name Locket Designs

New Name Locket Designs

If desired, this name tag design adds some personality. It may very well be in your partner’s name. You can create a shape or label according to your style and style. This Kulaja is 14K white gold and you can have your name engraved in the center to let the world know.

You can hang them on different strings to show off the beauty of the locks and your neck. This type of pendant complements any outfit to show off your style and makeup. Some prefer to omit their initials and sometimes just the first letter of their name.

8.S Name Locket With Gold Chain

S Name Locket With Gold Chain

This type of key allows you to write the same letters or different letters depending on your style. It has 18 carat gold bars and the cover of the letter is made of precious diamonds. Those gold medals and those names never end. Another obvious name.

The sparkle of diamonds is something you can’t beat and gives you a regal look. This key is made of diamonds and gold. Locks are good for everyday use. Sometimes you look elegant and classy. What’s that name? That fire reflects your soul and your faith in God.

9. Locket With Family Name Embossed

Locket With Family Name Embossed

The word Om and the word Lord Ganesha are beautifully engraved on this lock and a Rudraksha stone is trapped in the center giving it a powerful look. If you want, you can write your name on the side. Gold is a combination of gold and copper and is widely used in jewelry.

The combination of two metals completes this jewel with a unique and irresistible look. It is a precious metal and very popular with women. The lock design is beautiful and can be personalized with your name. This gold-plated tool is unique.

10. Best Name Locket Designs

Best Name Locket Designs

The round heart design gives the bracelet a unique look. This dress is perfect for a girl. This lock works because we all want our family close to our hearts. By making a locket with the help of an artist, you can keep the names of all your relatives close to your heart.

You can add a button in the middle of the lock with diamonds and colored stones to increase the quality of the lock many times. This Bandh is especially suitable for family lovers. You will find plenty of locks to suit your personality and make a great addition to your makeup bag. Try to save it as you wish. Now is the time to research the design and choose a name.

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