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Health Insurance – Foreign or Thai Insurance Policy?

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Health Insurance: For many reasons, getting health insurance in Thailand is not only a good idea but also important to consider Although hospital care in Thailand is relatively cheap by Western (especially American) standards.

Any major hospital such as surgery or cancer treatment can be expensive in a standard hospital and the budget can be quickly Insurance Policy depleted.

Health Insurance

So let’s look at the important factors to consider when choosing a policy. When you first arrive in Thailand, you have travel or health insurance from your home country Out-of-state fees of 40,000 baht ($1,340) and 400,000 baht ($13,400) may be covered by local.

Thai insurance for foreigners seeking a permanent non-immigrant Indian visa from their home country. However, when you get your annual renewal with Thai Immigration, you must provide an approved Foreign or Thai insurance company. If you plan to travel, it’s important to know before buying a new policy.

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to new rules from the Thai government that require everyone traveling to Thailand, regardless of age, to present at least $100,000 in cash, including COVID-19, upon arrival at the airport.

Insurance Policy Exclusions

Enter the country until you meet all these requirements, so it is important to check and verify your policy before traveling. Just because your current policy is sufficient for your visa-issuing agency doesn’t mean it covers COVID-19, so check with your insurer to make sure.

  • Comprehensive inpatient and outpatient services.
  • All Cancer Treatment Services.
  • The wide spread of new chronic diseases.

As mentioned earlier, the local policy may be enough to get the first visa to Thailand, but it may be if you apply to the local immigration office and receive a one-year pension extension company. Approved providers include LMG, The Viria, Pacific Cross, Falcon, Thaivat, AXA Insurance Thai, Navaquiz, Dhipaya, Asya Insurance, Aetna and others. Property insurance.

Health Insurance for Foreigners in Thailand

It will take a long time to get your policy as you have to provide all the original documents when you apply for renewal So, the policy must cover at least 40,000 baht in hospital expenses and 400,000 baht in hospital expenses.

  • Dental Choice, Health and Pregnancy.
  • If published in advance and agreed to the current terms and conditions, it may apply.
  • Safe expansion.

If you are already in Thailand, the easiest option is to go to an insurance agent and let them do all the work, Call first for an appointment and what documents they want to see. There are insurance agents in every city in Thailand and if your city is popular with tourists and foreigners, it is easy to find an insurance agent who speaks English.

Insurance Policy Inclusions

Alternatively, you can check the websites of the above companies and use their online tool to get a quote and select the supplier with the best price after entering the details. Be careful when choosing a policy, don’t automatically go for the cheapest, and make sure you check the fine print, especially for discounted rates.

  • All of which are well documented.
  • Various options for international coverage.
  • Coverage of Congenital Abnormalities.

Another important factor to consider is the reputation of the insurer, as most people will do anything to make the claim appear legitimate or not. Nowadays, it is very easy to find a company through popular online research sites.

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