Best Arrow Amalgam In Zelda - Tears Of The Kingdom

Best Arrow Amalgam In Zelda – Tears Of The Kingdom

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Best Arrow Amalgam In Zelda: Tears of the Realm, players can use more energy damage, elemental damage, and other special effects. Arrows are a very useful part of Link’s arsenal in The Legend of Zelda.

Tears of the Empire, and combining arrows can give players an insurmountable advantage in long battles. As players travel through Hyrule, the Sky Isles, and the Deep, they can collect a variety of useful items by battling creatures, harvesting crops, and more. When combined with arrows, these weapons can have unique and powerful effects.

Fuse is one of Link’s new abilities in Zelda: Tears of Empire and probably the most powerful of them all. Players can use Fuse to combine weapons with firearms or other weapons, which can increase their damage values and add new special effects. For example, players can upgrade their characters with game-changing effects. However, with such a wide range of options, it can be difficult for players to decide which option to rely on the most.

Here are the Best Arrow Amalgam In Zelda

Players can use Fuse to combine weapons with firearms or other weapons, which can increase their damage values and add new special effects.

1. Horns of an Animal

Horns of an Animal Best Arrow Amalgam In Zelda

Many of the monsters in Kingdom Hearts drop their horns when killed, from the powerful Lizalphos and Hinox to the weak Bocoling. Although all potions in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom must be crafted by monsters, players often end up with more monsters than they need. Linking it with an arrow is a nice and always useful damage boost.

Boss horns combine with bullets to greatly increase damage, but players may find that horns have more uses than regular monster horns like Bokoblins. Bokoblin horns are easy to find and often spawn when bokoblins are killed. This is an easy and inexpensive way to seriously damage your bullets. While not as fancy as other instruments, pink monster horns are simple, readily available, and reliable.

2. Amber


Due to the extra damage, amber is one of the best insurance items in Kingdom Hearts. Like Bokoblin horns, Amber deals +4 damage when combined with an arrow. However, Link doesn’t want to fight to get Amber. Instead, it can be found at mining locations in caves throughout Hyrule, making it easy for players to find wherever their journey takes them.

So, Amber is good for Fuses, especially in the early game when Link’s HP hearts are low. In addition, players can collect Amber, which will allow them to withstand the Tears of the Empire.

3. Elemental Fruit

Elemental Fruit

The combination of Fire Fruit, Jiggle Fruit, and Ice Fruit in Link’s Missiles grants players powerful effects that give Link an advantage in combat over a simple damage increase. For example, fire fruits allow Link to set enemies on fire, but they are valuable tools for puzzle-solving and exploration. There are many situations in Kingdom Hearts where players can create fire by battling unbearably cold or hot roots to reach new areas, and fire-fruit arrows are very versatile.

Iceberries can be combined into Ice Arrows that create ice fields in the water and temporarily freeze enemies. With large groups of enemies, players can stop and block a specific target, then return to the line with a combo. Additionally, Shock Fruit can cause enemies to be completely disarmed, making Link easy to disarm and take down. Additionally, Firstfruits are common in their regions, making them easy to recommend.

4.Elemental Chuchu Jelly

Elemental Chuchu Jelly

Chuchu jelly is a strange ingredient that changes when exposed to different things. Players can obtain it by killing the Blue Chuchu: a terrifying disease monster found throughout Hyrule. However, if players kill one of these monsters with a negative result, the jelly dropped on the creature will absorb the item. For example when players kill you

5. Dazzlefruit


When the arrows connect, Dazzlefruit creates a spark that propels and blinds all monsters within range: the player can use them to their advantage. Well-placed dazzled fruit darts are a great way to put some distance between Link and his enemies. Allowing him to heal or avoid intense battles. It can also blind large groups of enemies, allowing Link to score quite a few times.

Unfortunately, Dazzlefruit is rarely found in elemental fruit. But players can often find them in Central Hyrule and visit the Sky Islands.

6. Monster Wings

Monster Wings

Some monsters such as Kees and Erokuta can release their wings when attacked. when shot with an arrow Monster’s wings will increase the expansion and decrease the fall distance. Grants players increased accuracy and a chance to knock enemies off a defense. There is no shortage of winged enemies in Tier of the Realm, so players can often collect winged monsters.

In the first game, players were able to switch between combining monster wings and monster horns. However, as players progressed in the game, they encountered stronger enemies and more powerful bows. However, the combined monster’s increased wingspan and reduced drop-off distance are useless.

7. Best Arrow Amalgam In Zelda Puff Shroom

Best Arrow Amalgam In Zelda Puff Shroom

Buff shroom releases a thick cloud of smoke with fused arrows. Temporarily disconnects the enemy. This is great for players who like to sneak or jump. But the player can use the distraction time to attack from the shadows and get a good hit. Link can use buffed magic mushrooms to take down enemies with weapons. Raids targets, allowing him to fight other monsters handily.

One of the best early fuse combos in TOTK combines shroom buffs with targets for massive destruction.

8. Best Arrow Amalgam In Zelda Muddle Bud

Best Arrow Amalgam In Zelda Muddle Bud

Bat Middle releases steam to confuse enemies trapped within. Turning their minions to attack them, Link was instrumental in destroying large groups of enemies and allowing Link to conquer especially strong enemy camps and strongholds. However, the effect lasted longer. Therefore, players should collect badges to increase their power in battle. especially against large groups of enemies

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